RET, MET, and EGFR: An unusual tale of three oncogenes in lung cancer

LUNGevity's Upal Basu Roy, PhD, MPH, Executive Director, Research,  discusses innovative research into RET+ NSCLC with patient advocates and the scientist conducting the studies.  Panelists include Omaima Salous (diagnosed with RET+ NSCLC and co-founder of The Hamoui Foundation), Dr. Hilary Hammell (diagnosed with RET+ NSCLC and co-chair of RETpositive), and Dr. Tejas Patil (Assistant Professor, University of Colorado). The discussion focuses on Dr. Patil’s RET+ NSCLC research project and why it matters to patients.  This project is supported by a Hamoui Foundation/LUNGevity Foundation award for RET+ lung cancer.